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  • The Secret Iron Bodyguard:  The newly discovered iron regulator (that your doctor may not even be aware of) that controls iron absorption
  • Iron Supplements: Why the iron supplement you're taking is actually working AGAINST you and making it almost impossible to raise your iron levels!
  • The Iron Repair Method:  The science based road map I created to improve your iron levels and take back your life!

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Krystal Moore

Anemia Survivor, Women's Health Researcher, Iron Warrior

I spent years feeling like my anemia was slowly draining the life from my body.  

I know doctors often leave us on our own to sift through the confusion or dismiss the severity of our struggle.  In desperation, I set out on a mission to find real answers and take back my health.

After years of research, I am excited to share the science and secrets that I discovered that can help you fight for your health.

My goal in creating The Iron Repair Manual is to be a strong ally on your journey.  Iron deficiency can feel like a lonely and overwhelming condition - but I have been there too, and you don't have to struggle alone.

  Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey.

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